Class Registration


To register for a class at Credo, you must download the following application form, complete all pages, and bring them to the Credo Registrar on the appropriate registration day.  Please see the Calendar page for registration deadlines.

Student Application

Volunteer Requirements
Credo Academy would not be possible without the many parents who volunteer to make things happen.  Please look over the volunteer positions in the attachment below, choose several where you can serve Credo Academy, and include them on the appropriate section of the Student Application form.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Sibling Class Requirements
For your other children to be eligible for sibling classes, you must have a middle school or high school student enrolled. The purpose of our sibling classes is to be an encouragement to our families with younger children. When possible, we provide an educational avenue for the younger students while older siblings are on site for classes.  We welcome parents or high school students developing their entrepreneurial skills to be considered to teach sibling classes.

Private Homeschool Requirement
Credo Academy serves private homeschoolers and does not open its programs to families who have chosen to participate in public school programs (K-12).We pass no judgment on the sincerity or Christian commitment of the families, but Credo is committed to ensuring that there is always a private, Christian education alternative of excellence.