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Is Credo right for you?

9 Things You Need to Know About Credo

Middle School Classes
Families must have a 7th grader who is at least 12 years old by October 1st of that school year to be enrolled in middle school classes.

Class Availability
Please realize that we offer classes as the Lord provides teachers.  Just because we offer a class this year does not mean it will be available again next year. Also realize that some classes have a minimum and/or maximum number of students the teacher allows.  If a class fills up, your student can be put on a waiting list based on the order registrations are received.  Returning families are given first priority for classes. The Class Catalog and Schedule for the next year will be published on the website in late March.

Sibling Class Requirements
For your other children to be eligible for sibling classes (elementary students younger than 7th grade), you must have a middle school or high school student enrolled. The purpose of our sibling classes is to be an encouragement to our families with younger children. When possible, we provide an educational avenue for the younger students while older siblings are on site for classes.

Private Homeschool Requirement
Credo Academy serves private homeschoolers and does not open its programs to families who have chosen to participate in public school programs (K-12).  We pass no judgment on the sincerity or Christian commitment of the families, but Credo is committed to ensuring that there is always a private, Christian education alternative of excellence.

New Family Interview Process
For Prospective Families, please realize joining the Credo family is a process.

1. Attend the New Family Meeting in the spring to learn more information about Credo Academy and sign up for a New Family Interview.  Please see the Calendar page for the New Family Meeting date and designated New Family Interview dates.  Please come prepared to sign up for a specific interview time slot.  We will not accept new family late registrations or do interviews other than on the designated New Family Interview dates.

2. Complete the Credo Academy Student Application and Medical form for each potential student.

Student Application

3. At least one parent and each potential student must attend the New Family Interview with the Credo principal and an administrative member at the scheduled interview time.  Bring in the completed application(s), registration fee check payable to Credo Academy, and tuition checks payable to the individual teachers for the next semester classes on the date of your interview.  Please do not mail them.

4. Students are not officially accepted until after the interview process has been completed and families have been approved.  All families will be notified one week after the interview of the acceptance decision.  Please note: Existing Credo families have priority on registration and some classes may fill before accepted new families register.

5. Attend the parent meeting at the beginning of the Fall semester.

6. We require parents to volunteer during the school year.  Credo Academy functions with each family, who becomes a part of the team, to provide a positive, successful homeschool community.  Please review the Volunteer Job Descriptions in the attachment below, choose several where you can serve Credo Academy, and include them on the appropriate section of the Student Application form.

Volunteer Job Descriptions