Cheri Blomquist Photo

Cheri Blomquist

I had long been working part-time in the fields of education and literature when I began homeschooling my children in 2005. During the next seven years I also taught several co-op classes for local homeschoolers near my home in the northern Minneapolis suburbs and began developing my online writing course, The Denim Beret. In … Read More

Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll has been an astronomical artist for three decades, and an award-winning science journalist for a little less. His articles and paintings have appeared in TIME, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, CLUBHOUSE, SKY & TELESCOPE, SMITHSONIAN, ASTRONOMY, ODYSSEY and other publications. One of his paintings is on the surface of Mars aboard the Phoenix lander. [Click Name for More]

Amanda Forney pic

Amanda Forney

Hello! My name is Amanda Forney. I am the oldest of four delightful children, a Colorado native, live out in the country, and am very talented at embarrassing my sisters by my loud singing in public. We have quite a few incredibly lazy chickens, a rambunctious dog by the name of Mollie, and a large garden. In my free time I … Read More

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LaCretia Gelley

LaCretia's love of the arts began at home, where there was always music playing. Her parents exposed her to local theater early and often. By the aft of 4, she began her own journey starting with dance lessons, music lessons, small plays, and musicals. LaCretia continued to perform and train throughout high school and college … Read More

Adrienne Hanagan

Adrienne Hanagan

Adrienne obtained a Chemical and Petroleum Refining degree from Colorado School of Mines.  After over two years of working in the aerospace industry, she left to get her Masters' degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from San Francisco State University.  During her Masters' work, she worked at Sandoz Crop Protection.  When she … Read More

Dr. Barbara Helmkamp

Dr. Barbara Helmkamp

Dr. Barbara Helmkamp has an engineering degree in physics from Colorado School of Mines (1986) and a Ph.D. in physics from Louisiana State University (1995). Between undergraduate and graduate studies she worked in petroleum engineering for the Shell Companies in New Orleans. Barbara taught part-time at St. Mark Lutheran School in Houston from 2005-2008. Barbara finds much joy in secondary education. She especially enjoys sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with students by exposing them to the rich hymnody of the church and by bringing the Scriptures to bear on the subjects she loves; that is, physics and chemistry. [Click Name for More]

Daisy Johnson pic

Daisy Johnson

As the oldest of six homeschooled children I've been a teacher to my younger siblings for many years. I've found homeschooling to be a perfect combination of discipline and independence. I enjoy writing, reading and art. I have a personal business making and selling miniatures. I hope to give back some of what Credo has given … Read More

Gabriela Lawson

Gabriela Lawson earned a B.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies from Horizon College of San Diego and a M.A. in Biblical Studies from Denver Seminary. Having previously taught Spanish in San Diego and currently in Colorado, she has six years experience teaching Spanish - levels 1  through AP. She has also taught English … Read More

Marla Lindsay

Marla Lindsay earned a BA degree in English from the University of Kansas and a MA degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. For eleven years she taught English/Language Arts to students in the standard, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate programs at a large public high … Read More


Sarah Phippen

Sarah Phippen is a western artist currently marketing and selling her oil paintings and bronze sculpture professionally in several states.  She studied traditional mediums and classical painting techniques in several non-traditional art schools and has taught art to 2nd grade through high school students since 2006.  Her … Read More